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Multi-vehicle crash closes section of northbound I-15
A crash involving five vehicles injured two people and closed multiple lanes in a section of northbound I-15 for nearly an hour, leaving traffic backed up in the area for several hours Friday afternoon.
Health officials investigating viral meningitis flare-up at Lone Peak High School
Health officials are investigating multiple cases of viral meningitis among students at Lone Peak High School, the Utah County Health Department said on Friday.
Tests show elevated levels of metals in American Fork River sediment
Utah County Health officials are urging people to avoid wading in the American Fork River or playing on its banks due to elevated levels of lead and arsenic in the sediment and lower amounts in the water.
Tree vandalism spreads to South Jordan
Police believe tree vandals wanted in West Jordan have continued their destructive spree in South Jordan.
Tornado touches down near Panguitch
A tornado touched down as storms swept across Southern Utah Friday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

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Orem resident Dan Hemmert appointed to Utah Senate full article...
Gov. Gary Herbert appointed Orem resident Dan Hemmert to the Utah Senate on Friday.
Tests show elevated levels of metals in American Fork River sediment full article...
Sampling done by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality show elevated levels of lead in the sediment in American Fork...
Father sentenced to jail for taking noncustodial daughters to N.M., triggering Amber Alert full article...
A father who triggered an Amber Alert when he fled to New Mexico with two daughters he no longer has custody of has been...

One lock smith came across a guy who removed a lock canister for a vehicle, after the customer removed the auto door for the reason that he forgot the vehicle keys inside. This circumstance is very interesting.

Once, a lock tech stumbled upon a mausoleum-niche that had to be removed, to eliminate a potato chip, even tho the corpse remains were still in the hollowed space.

A number of lock-smith reports are extremely frightening. Sometimes mothers forget their children in their auto car or truck by mistake when it is pretty hot outside. In addition to that, some men and women forget their keys in their cars when itís pretty chilly out-side, or they get locked out of their cars when the vehicle is still on. Those are kind of chilling situations.

A locksmith from the 70s had to get rid of a bunch of mud left by a colony of wasps in a lock on the door of a mausoleum. This mausoleum is a testimony of art-like elegance. The mausoleum was designed in the year 1888 and is home to Egypt sphinxes of brickwork, bronze exterior entrance, fancy Italian granite gates, Italian made marbled walls, ceilings and floor, and three sarcophagi of stone cut. A "sarcophagus" is a coffin of sorts, like the mummies of Egypt were put in before they were buried.

If a professional locksmith unlocks a car or a building, he has to request the client to provide evidence of residence or ownership. It could be in the shape of ID, drivers license, rent documents, etc. This is a safeguard for lock smiths' to utilize, to prevent potential legal problems. Locksmiths are also called for when a customer is extremely wasted and he/she can't remember where they put their keys. They must be alerted not to drive if theyre too wasted! They can get a DUI.

Lock smiths also rescue older people from being left in their bathrooms, or inside their accommodations if they are in nursing homes. They as well save individuals from being locked up, if their vehicles are in busy highways and they leave their car keys in the car. Locksmiths' even save dogs or cats from being locked in their crates. Locksmiths' work with clients who're in a bad mood considering that they are late for a work meeting, who could be very late to their job or a hot date, or missing their airline flight, who have an urgent situation to get to, clients who locked their keys inside the vehicle while its still on, women/men who are mad and hostile by nature, and not forgetting thieves, who might be unsafe and radical. Consequently, lock smiths' must have weapons for their own protection.

There are also many stories locksmith's would be hesitant to reveal, either out of awkwardness or to guard their reputation. The locksmith professional industry isnt very different than other vocations: certain lock smith's are nice and fair, while some are shady. A locksmith professional is encouraged to create good connections with his clients, be lawful and do his business field as best as he can.

No job is perfect, and with every industry there are traps to steer clear of, and positive effects to take pleasure in too. In the long run, being high-quality locksmiths will prove itself.

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